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The Brain Game

Chances are you’ve probably heard this—our brains come in 2 varieties, right and left. The common idea is that our personas typically fall to one side or the other. The...More >
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Why Design?

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I’ve been exposed to a fantastic array of thought lately from the White House and Fast Company’s Innovation Festival to eSports and WMG.  Everywhere I turn, it seems that someone is...More >

I’ve Never Met An Uber Driver I Didn’t Want To Talk To

There’s a bit of a paradox built into the best research. Successful projects require zeroing in on what you want and need to understand. But they also call for thinking...More >

To Watch Or Not To Watch

THREE partners Chad Hazen and Steve Pagan both purchased Apple Watches soon after the product launched. Several months later, only one of them is still wearing theirs.More >