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Selfie Identity: Multicultural Audiences in Social Media

For brands looking for insight into multicultural audiences, social media can be a great starting point. As communities that center around identity grow in online spaces, the opportunities to make...More >
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For Richer Insights, Involve Analysts Early

As an Analyst, one of the things I like most about THREE’s approach to process is the way I am encouraged to be involved in the entire quantitative research cycle....More >

Research 101: What Is Qual?

New to market research or not sure what it entails? Simply want to understand more about what THREE does and how and why we do it? Our new Research 101 series...More >


It was the second day of THREEtreat, our annual team offsite. Every member of our team pitched in to help push aside chairs, rearrange tables, and roll out a long...More >

My Son Likes Ads

My boy is 8. He doesn’t watch a ton of video content. But he’ll sit through every down of a NY Giants game and every pitch of a NY Mets...More >