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Embracing The Imperfect

I was about 10 when AC / DC’s Back in Black came out. (I was skeptical of the new singer.) I put it on the turntable. Laid on the floor....More >
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Getting Beyond the Noise: Social Media Analysis as a Complement Not a Competitor

We hear a lot in market research circles about digital data’s potential. As with many new methodologies, it’s been touted as a singular replacement for yesteryear’s toolbox. But while the...More >

Beyond the Graphs: How to Use Creative to Add a Human Element to Research Insights

As THREE’s Creative Director, my charge is to find compelling ways to add a human element to our insights. It’s an awesome challenge for a creative mind. Traditionally, integrating creative...More >

Making A Difference

We talk a lot at THREE about the importance of human connection. This key value is the lens through which we view everything we do; a focus on connection shapes...More >

Know Our Locations, Know Our Brand

I often step away from my desk in the afternoon and walk around Saratoga Springs. If my puppy is with me, I might take her for a walk through Historic...More >