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Thoughts and observations from the THREE team about research, brands and the world at large.

Maximizing The Message: Creative Development

I love shopping for household items because I like to look at brand messaging with a marketer’s eye. During a recent grocery run, the Morton Salt logo sparked my interest,...More >
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Talent Development: Notes From The Hiring Manager

As THREE’s Talent Development Lead, I’ve read thousands of resumes and cover letters (tip: yes, please actually write a personalized cover letter when you’re asked for one) and interviewed several...More >

Fiercely Independent

Once or twice a year we get a call from a conglomerate looking to buy THREE.  It’s not uncommon in our age of consolidation. And I gotta admit, it does...More >

Falling In Love With Modern Romance

Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance is on my bedside table this week. I’m a frequent nonfiction reader and a fan of good narrative. And I really enjoy Ansari’s comedy. So I...More >

Embracing The Imperfect

I was about 10 when AC / DC’s Back in Black came out. (I was skeptical of the new singer.) I put it on the turntable. Laid on the floor....More >