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Everything is Important: Getting the Best Data With MaxDiff

As an Analyst, I’m regularly called upon to measure importance in quantitative data. The question of preference is key, whether we’re evaluating product features, satisfaction drivers or positioning statements. The...More >
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Leading from the Pack: A Lesson from Roller Derby

  There’s no shortage of sports metaphors and analogies used to motivate and inspire in business. “You can’t coach someone when he or she is already at the free-throw line.”...More >

Setting The Stage For Success: The Kickoff Call

  Of all the steps in a project lifecycle, probably one of the most important is the Kickoff Call. I’m such a huge advocate of this preliminary meeting, in which...More >

How to Harness the Power of Positivity

I was thinking recently about how expecting negative outcomes can lead to suboptimal situations and relationships. Put more simply, I was thinking about pessimism and its role in a work...More >

Maximizing The Message: Creative Development

I love shopping for household items because I like to look at brand messaging with a marketer’s eye. During a recent grocery run, the Morton Salt logo sparked my interest,...More >