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Three Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Research Partners

As research partners, our goal is to help you understand the human connection between your brand and your audience. Challenging our client partners to think differently is an important part...More >
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How to Find the Story in Data

We’re often asked why we use the terms story and storytelling when we talk about market research. Most people probably think of data and stories as living in completely different...More >

Uncovering Emotional Equity: The Key To Long Term Brand Growth

When we embark on brand health research, our client partners often come in with a one-dimensional “product feature” mindset. They want to know how their brand stacks up to competitors,...More >

International Research: The World Is A Village

True to our ideals, THREE approaches international research as collaborators. And that means traveling the globe alongside our clients and like-minded local partners. I’ve probably led 50 international projects in...More >

By The Book: Learning From Our Office Book Club

Our Saratoga Springs office has a book club that meets quarterly. Book selections rarely have much to do with market research or workplace dynamics directly, yet our discussions have undeniably...More >