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You Only Bond With What You Believe In

THREE is a full-service, independent research agency. Our mission is simple: to uncover truths and strengthen the bond between brands and consumers.

A sound respect for research principles underscores everything from our rigorous data integrity process to our extensive analytic expertise.

There’s no one formula for connecting brands and people. Our personalized approach respects the people and associations that make your brand unique.

We turn numbers and musings into vivid narrative, giving life to data with creative output that leaves a lasting impression.

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We’ve been lucky enough to earn the trust of category leaders around the world.

BBC America
Air New Zealand
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People have a stronger voice than ever. Let’s respect that. In today’s era of consumer generated stories, THREE helps brands to remain relevant and thrive.

Small, Agile Teams Dynamic Output Natural Interactions Global Reach

Teams of 3–4 stay engaged with you from start to finish. There’s no outsourcing, no passing projects around here. You get us, every step of the way.

We understand the importance of giving life to numbers and musings, with output that clarifies not only what happened and what it means, but also the critical “Now What?”

We foster conversation by creating environments where people can act naturally, think differently,  and communicate intuitively.

Work is managed locally while our global network accounts for cultural relevance, regional bias, and even dialect to capture global themes and local tones.

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At THREE, our primary
investment is in people.

From our managing partners to our associates, each and every member of our crew was hand-picked based on an ability to think differently and to excel.

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Our results speak for themselves.

We issue a client satisfaction survey at the completion of every project and aggregate the results here, unedited. What they say is what you see.

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